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TISC helps you to get ahead by sourcing items on your behalf in Pakistan. We provide qualified and experienced factories and oversee second- and third-tier suppliers for you so you don't have to manage a large number of supplier base,that saves your time, money, and manpower. Plus, you will rest easy knowing that your operations are in the hands of our highly capable sourcing professionals & textile engineers.

Inspections (Third party)

Inspections( Third party)- To maintain the quality standards, TISC works as your partner in the supply chain. Keeping a closer look at every stage of production till shipment, So that customer can have the best goods delivered that can help to expand their business with the satisfied final goods with the top notch quality standards.

Production & Quality Control

Some sourcing experts visit factories only once, examine the machinery, smoke with the overseers, and wait for results. At TISC, we believe that kind of shoddy practice short- changes the client. In contrast, we employ a quality assurance staff on the factory floor that sends daily reports to our main office. By staying on site, watching and managing the factory operations, we ensure that everyone is always on track and diligent. We keep factories accountable and maintain control over operations because you shouldn't have to pay for negligence.

We follow Worldwide quality designed standards to maintain the quality and AQL’s defined customized quality methods designed by textile experts.

Product Development

TISC understands your business and markets. We'll keep you up-to-date about relevant industry trends and bring you innovative product ideas to help you grow. Not only that, your projects are important to us and we are ethical people. The design remains yours. We help you turn them into reality.